List of Resources

*All resources are free unless otherwise noted



IPA, Phonetics, Phonology

PDF Stuff:

  • SmallPDF – compress PDFs, online (no program download required)
  • RotatePDF – rotate PDFs permanently, online, for free
  • CutePDF – turn anything into a PDF by sending it to this “printer”
  • Foxit PDF Reader – like Adobe PDF reader/annotator, free
  • PDFSAM – split & merge PDFs (free, light program)

Corpora and/or Corpus Tools

  • MICASE – Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English
  • state of the union analyzer – NYtimes fun tool for analyzing several of these speeches
  • COCA (Corpus of Contemporary Am. English) – 450 million word corpus + tools
  • Princeton’s Wordnet – “tool for computational linguistics and natural language processing”
  • Visuword – Princeton’s Wordnet transformed into a graphical interface

Sending files, one way or another

Good for your mind/body:

  • f.lux – no more squinting in pain at your laptop screen after dark
  • simplynoise – super simple online white noise maker, with a few settings