Author: byelka

FaxZero – Send faxes online for free


If someone asks you to fax him/her and you don’t have a fax machine, you can upload your file to and fax it to them! It’s free if it’s in the US or Canada and under 25 pages and you don’t mind having their name on the cover sheet; otherwise it’s $1.99 per fax (again, up to 25 pp.), payable via PayPal. (I don’t recommend PayPal, but here you have no choice, sadly). You can send international faxes, too. Those are $3.63 per fax, up to 15 pp. per fax. Disclaimer: I have not tried it myself.


EasyChair (Conference Management System)

My own experience is with LinguistList’s EasyAbs, but I just learned that there’s a competitor out there. EasyChair, like EasyAbs, is “designed to help conference organisers to cope with the complexity of the refereeing process”. Read more about it at This is a rare instance in which I am posting a product that I have not tried, myself, because I want others’ opinions on it!