Soundscriber: Transcription Made Easier

Soundscriber aids linguists in transcribing audio files. As explained by its creator, Eric Breck, it “includes features specifically for transcription. These include keystrokes to control the program while working in another window (e.g. word processor, SGML editor, etc.), variable speed playback, and a feature called “walking.” Walking plays a small stretch of the file several times, then advances to a new piece, overlapping slightly with the previous one. With this feature, it is possible to transcribe continuously without having to manually pause or rewind the recording.”

It’s available here, at Eric Brecks’s University of Michigan home page. Screenshot below.



  1. Hi, I have downloaded the program, but I can not get it to loop a segment of a sound file. Can you please explain how you get SoundScriber to loop? Thanks

    1. Hi Patty. Are you pushing the footprints button? (Rather than just play?) The regular play button is just that; to get it to “walk through” the file (i.e. loop), you use the feet. Hope that solves it for you. It’s a very useful little program!

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